Hide My IP Address

When you are browsing on the Internet, your computer/device IP address is always visible to the Internet. Your IP address can be used to get information about your identity for all the third party applications you browse on the Internet, government authorities and etc.

If you think that you are not visible to the Internet, then follow this link and you will realize how much you are visible to the third party applications. The main thing you need to know when browsing on the Internet is 'Internet is not a safe place for anybody.'.

Now you will think, there should be a way to 'hide my IP' on the Internet and hide your identity from all those third party groups. Yes! you are correct. There are few methods which allows you to hide your IP address. Following methods will help you to hide your IP address.

  • Proxy Servers
  • VPN Services

Now let's see what are these methods in detail

Proxy Servers

Proxy server is a server that behaves as an intermediary computer device which connects you with the third party application which you need to browse. In this case you are connecting only to the proxy server. Your identity is visible to the proxy server only.

First you will need to connect to a website which provides this proxy server service. In this scenario, you request a web page (third party application on the Internet) through proxy server and proxy server will connect you to the third party application. But third party application will not retrieve any information about you. Third party application only knows the details of the proxy server.

In this scenario, you won't be visible to any other third party application but will be visible only for the proxy server. But this method is also not a very secure method to browse the Internet. To know more information about 'Proxy Servers' please follow this link on wikipedia.

VPN Services

A virtual private network creates a virtual tunnel that extends from your computer/device to the Internet server. The tunnel encrypts all the data that goes through it, thereby preventing ISPs, hackers or any trespasser from viewing your activity or data.

Please follow below image to get an idea about the VPN architecture

VPN Architecture

Computers/devices which are connecting through a VPN benefits from the security of the private network. Encryption is a common though not an inherent part of a VPN connection. Please refer wikipedia for more information about VPN services by following this link

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